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​At Humbleness Beginnings Photography, we are committed to capturing your most memorable moments for generations to come. With over 6 years of professional experience, we specialize in providing beautiful visuals of your event from inception to completion. Our lighting is bright but natural and creates soft shadows which make our photos look timeless. We want you to remember everything about the day from the colors that were used at the venue to how everyone was dressed. If it's important to you then it's important to us!

Explore our packages and book directly through our easy-to-use calendar. We have the perfect packages tailored to your needs.

Get in on the HB Experience..

At Humbleness Beginnings, our customers have an unforgettable experience, complete with superior customer service, exceptional quality photography, and endless fun times. Our goal is to give each customer an exclusive treatment and fast photo return times, all while showcasing professional aerial videography.


Explore our gallery showing off our many years of event photography. We know how important the memories are and we love to help you preserve them for you, your family and friends! Check out all of our baby showers and wedding photography as well as other special events that are important to you.

HB Prop Rentals provides the perfect blend of fast rental and easy booking to bring your photography vision to life with our selection of hand-carved items from local vendors. Our priority is your satisfaction and we guarantee you'll be satisfied with your rental.

Explore Our Inventory of Unique Photography Props at HB Prop Rentals!

"Ignite the Moment with HB Prop Rentals!"


Book our most popular sessions and sets

Welcome to the HB Experience! We are a professional photography and videography team dedicated to capturing amazing moments in a variety of settings. From family portraits and personal shoots to large events and commercial projects, we bring a blend of professionalism and creativity. Whether it's a joyful party, a special gender reveal, a beautiful wedding, or a milestone graduation, we ensure that every session is an incredible experience. Our services also include product photography, maternity shoots, and commercial videography for businesses. Trust us to provide stunning visuals and a friendly, personalized approach to make your memories truly unforgettable.


Studio Photography


Humbleness Beginnings Photography and Videography offers everything you need to make your dream photo/video shoot come to life. Our professional studio is based close to downtown New Orleans, with state-of-the-art equipment, professional lighting, white backdrops, and props available for your perfect shot.

Standard Photography


Humbleness Beginnings Photography and Videography offers comprehensive services for all of your image needs. We specialize in standard photography, corporate events, proms, graduations, birthdays, portfolios, product photography, and we are available for travel. Let us capture the moments that matter and turn them into lasting memories.

Standard Videography


Humbleness Beginnings Photography and Videography is a top-of-the-line service provider catering to all of your special events and videography needs. From 4K video, featuring on Youtube, grand opening ceremonies, celebrity birthdays, commercials, music videos, corporate events, weddings, luncheons, and product videography, we have you covered

Birthday and Baby Shower Photography
Corporate Event Photography
Wedding Photography / Videography
Event Photography / Videography
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